Friday, June 14, 2013

How To Airbrush A Car - Preparation - Discover How To Airbrush Automotive Finishes
How To Airbrush A Car - Preparation - Discover How To Airbrush Automotive Finishes
This website will provide you with the steps of how to prepare an automotive paint surface for airbrushing or custom paint work. If not properly cleaned and prepped, the airbrush or graphic paint will not adhere, which will result in peeling. This is something that will ruin many hours and effort spent on your artwork so let's learn how to do it correct so your airbrush work will last a long long time.

So you want to know how to airbrush graphics or artwork on your car! You have found the right spot. I am going to take you through the steps to prepare a car paint surface for artwork.

There are a lot of awesome artists out there that can create crazy, insane and amazing art. However, when it come to painting it on a car paint finish, many individuals lack the knowledge of what steps they need to follow to assure a quality job that will not peel off later.

Properly Clean The Surface - If you are a painter or if you airbrush, I am sure that you contaminates will ruin the best paint job. This is because of the environment car are exposed to: diesel smoke, road debris, waxing your car, using products like Amor all these all have silicone, waxes, grease, etc., that contaminate the paint surface. If you do not properly clean the paint surface, many problems such as fish eyes and adhesion failure may destroy your airbrush work. This is a simple step, but often overlooked when painting cars. Therefore, before you do anything wash the part with soap and water. If you are using car soap, make sure it does not a wax mixed in with the soap. Dish soap work good too, just make sure it does not have additive to help keep your hands soft as this may cause additional problems. Once the surface is washed, wipe it with wax and grease remover to assure that all traces of the contamination is off.

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