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Learn More About Invisalign Braces
Learn More About Invisalign Braces
Braces are used to correct misalignment of teeth to give the wearer a perfect smile after the treatment is over. Traditional metal-wired braces have the limitation of being highly visible, making users self-conscious. They also tend to attract undesired attention from other people. Invisalign orthodontist is a specialist in applying invisalign braces which are clear thus less noticeable.

Most people are only familiar with one benefit of orthodontic treatment: a beautiful smile. However, well-aligned teeth improve the functionality of teeth that include biting and chewing. The treatment also improves speech patterns. The Invisalign procedure involves the use of clear aligners which mould to your teeth. The aligners are changed every few weeks. Depending on the severity of each case, the treatment will last between 1 to 3 years.

Unlike ordinary dentists| orthodontists undergo many years of intensive training to become qualified in correcting oral problems. Moreover| they perform orthodontic procedures year in year out.

Not all orthodontists are allowed to carry out the Invisalign procedure. To qualify they have to undergo training offered by Align Technologies Corp which manufactures the product. The company classifies trained professionals into 3 groups:

A newly qualified Invisalign orthodontist is considered an Invisalign provider.
To be rated ‘Premier’ the orthodontist needs to sucessfully perform about 24 cases every 6 months.
There are very few providers who are rated as 'Elite'. In fact, only 1% of all providers are in this category. They must treat 48 cases every 6 months

Every Invisalign orthodontist is required to submit records of their work on a regular basis. This way, the company is able to ensure that the procedure is done properly. Any expert who has undergone the specialized session offered by Align technologies is capable of doing the job. However, an Elite Invisalign orthodontist is always the best.

When selecting an Invisalign orthodontist, you should think of the treatment as a journey. Choose an invisalign orthodontist whom you’re able to work with for the long-term. You will need to visit your invisalign orthodontist for regular check ups. However, the number of visits are greatly reduced compared to traditional braces.

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