Thursday, June 20, 2013

Longevity And Anti Aging
Longevity And Anti Aging
”Life begins at Sixty,” gloats some older folk, and this can be very true. As your retirement time may be counted as the greatest periodof your life.
However, for a great number of individuals there is another situation to face at sixty — a situationthat can threaten to convert your greatest time into some of the most dreaded
Recent Government numbers reveal about one eight ofAmericans older than sixty are fighting off “brain fog,” memory loss, or other risksof brain damage For about one third of these people the memory fog troubles are sodetrimental that theyhamperwith orplace limits on every day function.
Many people believe loss of one’s memory is a natural result of growing older… and that it is inevitable… and there’s nothing that can be done about this state of affairs.
However, that is absolute rubbish!
In a great number of people loss of memoryand other braintroubles come with getting older,however,they may not be the result of getting old. Observe the people over the age of sixty in the new study:trail:research: We agree that they are aging.
However people over the age of sixty take a huge amount of prescription drugs--and many of those prescriptionsis accompanied by extremelyhigh dangers of loss of memory and risks of cognitive decline
Drugs prescribed for high blood pressure for example, can lead to memory loss.
Also statin drugs prescribed to lower cholesterol present such a high risk of cognitive decline that even the FDA warned about this Painkillers, antidepressants, and more can also lead to decrease in brain function— which is the reason that when patientsprofess loss of memory the first thing to do is pay attention to whatever drugs they have been prescribed bytheir family physician
If for any reason a loved one or even you have been thought to have dementia or even Alzheimer’s disease, you needto be aware that the the true reason behind the problem might be the drugs that you have been prescribed.

In many situations the drugs were never even essential in the first place. In many others, they can be exchanged for natural remedies that can do the job as well or even better but with no side effects at all
However, medications are not responsible for all memory troubles. But that doesn’t mean the rest are because of aging,getting older either.
For example, the result of contractiong diabetes has been known to make the danger of getting dementia greater— and another recent research demonstrates how high levels of blood sugar can make greater your own risk even if you don’t actually have diabetes.
A study of one hundred and twenty four people who had a family history of Alzheimer’s , but were other wise healthyrevealedlessonedmetabolism in important areas of the brain among patients with elevated blood sugar levels.
Those are the same changes that can be seen in Alzheimer’s disease.
What makes this very concerning is that the “high” blood-sugar levels in the study aren’t sky-high. They’re at the high end of the normal range, or levels that millions of otherwise healthy Americans seniors live with every day.
Other situations that can bring on or deterioriate memory function or cause dementia can be dangerous exposure to many toxic metals for example lead, which is the reason why one should be always testing for the presence of metals in the body
You may be shocked to realised how much your body is contaminated with metals right now— and even more shocked and how your health can improve after you go through a detoxification process.
If you are experiencing a little memory loss pay attention to the dangerous warning signals Go to a naturopatic doctor to investigate the reason — whether it’s drugs you’re onhigh blood sugar levels toxic metals poor nutritionhormones, or some other reason

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