Monday, June 10, 2013

Omega 3 And Cardiovascular Diseases
Omega 3 And Cardiovascular Diseases
Omega3 is vitally important for living a long and healthy life

If you want to remain young and healthy for a longer time, omega 3 ( EPA & DHA) must be taken daily_ most particularly when you are referring to your heart, brain and eyesight. However. Omega 3 does much more.
Boost your Brain power with powerful DHA
Brain development is critically dependant upon Omega3 fatty acids. But this miracle nutrient,not only develops your brain, they are also responsible for maintaining it your whole life. In fact dementia can be avoided by supplementing with EPA and DHA.
It just so happens that babies fed on breast milk demonstrate increased brain growth, most likely due to the fact more DHA is foundin their brains than infants who are fed on formula And that important brain help can last throughout a person’s whole life.

It is a fact, that a person’s brain cannot exist without DHA, found in Omega3 fatty acids. DHA is a most vital elementof the most plentiful omega 3 fatty acid found in the human brain, formulating about fifty percent of the total weight of the brain. An important thing , as a trial study including three hundred and fifty peopleshowed that the ratio of DHA to omega-6 fatty acids was directly related to maintaining brain power later in life. More recently a trial of two hundred and eighty volunteers showed that people with their DHA ranges higher, did much better on important brain tests which included vocabulary and memory tests.

So DHA plays a vital role in boosting brain function,and it can also help on the flip side – andit has been shown to also help- assisting in anti aging. For example in a study in France which included one thousand six hundred and seventy four patients, where scientists discovered that consuming fish which contains a plentiful supply of DHA and EPA assisted in reducing the chance of brain decline.

There also was a groundbreaking study from Austria, where scientists came to the conclusion that “the benefit of taking DHA is is the same as enjoying cognitive development, learning and memory of a person about three years younger These subjects tested which included men and women who were healthy individuals who suffered cognitive decline due to age. divided into 2 separate groups. The first group ingested 900 mg a day,of DHA extracted from algae, for six months, the second group took a placebo every day. The result was, the subjects in the group who ingested the DHA, saw many less errors, double that, than the group on a placebo, in learning and memory tests.

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