Wednesday, August 7, 2013

property seminar
property seminar
I'm Yvonne Emery and I have been investing in property for over 16 years. I started with a £1,000 deposit on my first home and became a property millionaire within 7 years. I got out of the Rat Race in 2005 when I set up Yvonne Emery Coaching and since then I have helped 100’s of experienced and aspiring property investors to develop their success strategies and generate passive income.

With over 7 years as a property coach and mentor I have developed a way to help you find the best investment strategy for you, whatever the economic climate and wherever you live.

Whenever you are investing in property you will come across hurdles such as running out of money, living in an expensive area, not being able to find properties that stack up, running into difficulties with the mortgage lenders, or simply not having enough time to dedicate to investing. Whatever your specific difficulties, if you can weave them into your strategy and find a way forward that suits the time you have available, the financial situation you find yourself in and most importantly your personality then you will have found your perfect investment strategy. I can help you find your strategy quicker and more easily than you can by trial and error.

I have invested over ВЈ100,000 in my education to make me one of the top coaches in property and I am often in demand on the Networking circuit as a speaker.

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